Windows 7 (Ultimate) System Restore problem


  • Hello there,

    Ok so here's a little history/context.
    My dev box at home is running Win 7 Ultimate. I had 2 500 GB disks in a RAID 0 configuration.
    A few weeks ago I made a full system backup using the OOTB Windows 7 System backup functionality.
    Last week 1 of my hard disks failed. So, I got 2 new 1TB disks. Configured them into a RAID 0 config and began the system restore from the image I had created a few weeks earlier. The restore took over 48 hrs.
    On completion I found that my machine could not boot into Win 7.
    I ran the automated utility to fix the issues. It reports back to me that it can't fix my issues automatically. When I do some delving I see that the error it is reporting is


    So my questions are:

    i) What would anyone who's has a similar experience suggest I do next?
    ii) Does changing the disk I'm restoring the system image to have an effect on the validity of the system image I created?
    iii) I took my machine back to the vendor's shop to ensure there were no other issues. They re-flashed my bios. So, now I have a completely new bios. Would this have any bearing on the validity of the system image?

    Thanks and I apologise if my questions are basic and in the wrong section.

    'The ArchDeacon' :-)

    Monday, June 21, 2010 5:18 PM


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