How to re-order jobs once in the queue?


  • I am looking for a way to requeue jobs once they are waiting to be solved.  I currenly have the jobs prioritzed with different levels using Templates, but lets say I have 5 highest priority jobs, and I would like to re-order them once they are already in the queue.  How can I do that?


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  • If you have 5 jobs submitted with the same priority, you can always modify the job you would like to start running before the others and increase it's priority.

    Depending of the level of preemption you have, this willl behave differently, but basically by modifying the job's proprity you can "re-order" the queue.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Thank you - this does help.  I set up templates with the 3 middle priorities so I do have the highest, and lowest priorities available.  If I have 5 jobs with MY highest priority I could just have the emergency priority(HPC highest priority)available for these occasions.
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  • Glad I could help - remember that you are not limited to 5 priority levels...R2 introduced about 4000 levels of priority:

    "...In HPC Pack 2008 R2, the job priority can have a value between 0-4000. Users can specify priority in terms of a priority band, a priority number, or a combination of the two. The priority bands and their corresponding numerical values are as follows:

    • Lowest (0)
    • BelowNormal (1000)
    • Normal (2000)
    • AboveNormal (3000)
    • Highest (4000)..."

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  • wow... That's what I'm talking about.  I shouldn't have any issues with all those levels.  I was thinking about upgrading the other day anyway, as there are other features in R2 that I would like to use.

    thanks again for your assistance!

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