User I created keeps disappearing from Dashboard


  • After setting up my WHS2011 box I created a user besides Administrator and the user was created fine. I could see the user in the Dashboard too. But there are times when I don't see it under users or even under User Accounts from the Control Panel. However if I try to create another user with the same name, it says that user already exists.

    What am I missing?

    (I am using the RTM version, not beta)
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  • A possibly related issue is that when I try to use Launchpad from a client PC, I keep getting error message that the user or password is incorrect and that the user I am trying to use should be one of the users managed in the Dashboard. :-(
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  • You are creating your users in the dashboard not through RDP ?.

    Any users you require should be added via dashboard not via the OS. This I would suspect is also why you are having Launchpad issues.



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