uefi compatible MotherBoard/Bios, Legacy boot ? help me RRS feed

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  • win7 -64-bit

     Bios Settings, Wrong settings and Right settings //   How To  understand?? 

    How to Understand, Now listen to me........

    1)USB Support,On

    2-)Legacy or uefi boot mode,ON


    4-)Windows 8, OFF

    5-) PXE Rom, Legacy

    6-)network stack,OFF

    7-) İpv4 and İpv6, OFF

    8-)Vga Support,ON

    9-) Video-audio-keyboard/ps2 mouse, Controller on

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  • Hi,

    Did you encounter an error while installing the system?

    Please refer to the link below to see if any help:

    Fixed: Unmountable Boot Volume Error in Windows 10/8/7

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  • Yes,Did you encounter an error while installing the system?

    LG Cdrom, Writer&Reader  but dvd(no problem writer)

    Reboot and select probery boot device insert boot media press a key (No Legacy boot)

    13/ربيع الأول/1441 01:31 م
  • What board is it?
    14/ربيع الأول/1441 09:23 م
  • gigabyte uefi bios/mother-board preferences ,He thinks it's important.

    1-)Onboard lan controller ,2-) network stack driver 3-)lan ipxe rom -4-)ipv4 network boot 5-)ipv6 network boot 6-)ipxe rom legacy or oprom preferences 7-) bios boot options available  realtek lan pxe and how to uninstall realtek pxe no help 8-)fast boot launch boot,ultra boot,normal boot 9-) storage boot control legacy or uefi..

    20/ربيع الأول/1441 09:25 م
  • Simply start pc to the BIOS (F2 key) is normal start,in BIOS/exit tab/set to: Load advanced settings/then go back and edit for add-on cards.Advanced ChipSet is a good area to run,if not certain,read the Owners Manual.Also,set Boot Priority/C: HD is 1st,cdrom 2nd/save & exit BIOS.Dell uses the F12 key to reset boot priority,even though you set C: to 1st boot device in BIOS..
    20/ربيع الأول/1441 10:25 م