Powershell commands for configuring HPC Head Nodes


  • Hi,

     I am trying to automate the configuration of head node in Windows HPC thorugh powershell cmdlets which is the first step after installation of HPC Pack as head node. Configuration basically involves the following steps 1) configure your network 2) Provide Installation credential 3)Configure the naming of nodes 4) Create a node template.

    I can able to find HPC power shell commands for 1. Confguring the network - Setup-HPCNetwork,  2. Create a node template - New-HpcNodeTemplate . But I am unable to find the HPC Powershell commands for [Provide installation credentials] and [ Configure the naming of nodes].

    I have tried out using Set-HPCJobCrential, Set-HPCTestCredential, Set-HPCSOACrential but none of them helped to pass this [Provide installation credentials] step.

    If anybody familiar with this kindly assist.

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