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  • After trying Windows 7 for thirty days I decided to buy it and purchased a CD key online. Later in the mail I received a Get Genuine Online kit containing the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software. Thanks to a flaw in my security system I was forced to re-load Windows, but have lost my CD key in the process. (It was stored on my hard drive.) Now my 30 days is running out for a second time and I still have no CD key. The CDs came with some sort of codes on the back of the case, what looks like a Proof of Purchase and a seriel number.

    Is there any way for me to get my CD activated online using these numbers or other methods, or do I have to spend another 150 bucks to get another key? If I do, I'd rather just downgrade to XP again.


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  • I have never bought a get genuine kit myself but if it is like any other MS store purchase you should be able to access the key by logging on to your account at microsoft store, the key may be stored there, also, if you use webmail, or if your email from the time you purchased are still available you may be able to retrieve it from the confirmation email.



    22/رمضان/1431 01:01 م
  • If you bought the software thru the Microsoft Store, then Carl_OH is correct, the product key can be found by logging into the same account as was used to buy the software.

    If you bought a Get Genuine Online kit, then the Product Key was sent to you by Email.  Please see the Windows Genuine Advantage Kit Order Support page at for additional assistance.

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