Microsoft Fix It Center - An error occurred while troubleshooting


  • I downloaded and installed the Microsoft Fix It Center program and started to run it based on the list of problems it found the first being related to Daylight Time issue which is could not resolve and when I try to run the next item in line I get the following error:

    An unexpected error occurred, the troubleshooting wizard cannot contiue.

    Under details:

    Path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Fix It Center\SAPFolder\System\9DEDF18D-08BB-43DD-9E1E-DF8A99E8.....

    Error code: 0x80040154

    User: RONSGX620\RON

    Context: Elevated

    The program has crashed and will not allow me to do anything!

    I uninstalled and reinstalled it and did not run the Daylight Savings dixer and the program is functioning ok.  Should I be concerned about the DST issue?

    • تم النقل بواسطة Bruce AdamczakMicrosoft employee 11/محرم/1433 04:03 م to find the correct forum (From:Windows Desktop Perfmon and Diagnostic tools)
    08/ذو الحجة/1432 05:43 م


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