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  • We have a hybrid configuration with our on-premises Exchange 2010 server and our Office 365 Exchange Online server (if this should be posted in the Exchange 2010 forum instead, let me know, but I figured we have one of each).  We have been doing remote moves, and all but two of them are finished. The two remaining are refusing to go, and I've done extensive searching but haven't been able to resolve the issues.

    The first mailbox returns this error message:

    Error: MissingExchangeGuidException: The user object for ‎nnn does not have a valid ExchangeGuid property and cannot be migrated.

    The second mailbox returns this error message:

    Error: MigrationTransientException: Couldn‎'t find a move request that corresponds to the specified identity <‎identity>.

    We've tried moving both mailboxes several times (deleting the migration batch after each error) with no luck.   The migration for both of these users are being done as separate batches with one user in each batch.  They are being created via the Exchange Admin Center from the Office 365 admin portal.  Any suggestions on what to do next?

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