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  • Hi – I am stuck while adding multiple OAuth 2.0 Servers for any API. I am not able to find that how can I add multiple OAuth servers for any API in Security Option. Below is my scenario:

    I have 3 partners and one Order API. For each Partner I would like to give the different permission on Order API as required (Like Read, Write or both). I have added 3 Client APPs in Azure AD + one App for Order Backend Service. Also created 3 OAuth servers in APIM. But when I go to Security tab of the API to add the OAuth Server, I could not find the option to add more than one OAuth Server. I am able to add only one.

    Could you please let me know do we have any option to add more than one OAuth server for an API or not, either through Portal UI or using some PowerShell command.

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  • HI Vikas, 

    We do not support securing an API with multiple OAuth servers. In the future we will allow users to choose scope when authenticating with an OAuth server. So each app can request for the scope it needs (read, write, or both) and you don't need to define 3 OAuth servers in APIM.

    For now, the workaround would be configuring 3 APIs in APIM, each secured by a different OAuth server. 

    Hope this helps. 


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