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  • Hi all

    i was trying to use giano from the command-line but it seems that the following prompt is obsolete (?) in 3.1:

    giano -maxmem 8192 -maxflash 8192 -mips -rom eb63.bin -rom2 0.flp

    Which giano version should I use for generating BB profiles for automatic custom instruction generation? Is it possible not to use the ready-made .plx (XML) platform files? My intention is to process single, standalone applications running on eMIPS (with/without custom instructions).

    Thank you in advance

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    Nikolaos Kavvadias




    Hi Nikolaos,

    The command line you use is indeed quite obsolete, it was only valid in the first version of the simulator.

    The PLX files are much more flexible, and yet they still allow you to override/add arguments to any simulation node on the command line. The old way forced the base simulator to know in advance any and all options for any and all possible simulation nodes. That was clearly not teneable.

    If you do not have/like Visio, you can use any regular text editor to create or modify your own.

    There are a few EB63-mips configurations in the directory tests\eb_boards, you can look at those to see in detail the equivalent nodes for your command line. I think the following is a close match:

    giano -Platform Eb63Mips.plx SRAM::Size 8388608 FLASH::PermanentStorage eb63.bin FLASH::Overlay 0.flp

    I think the second question was answered in a separate post.



    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 6:30 PM