Moved/Renamed Files Are Treated as New Files RRS feed

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  • When I move or rename some files on the left folder, during a sync with Echo action, the moved/renamed files will be treated as new files on the right folder, and those original files on the right folder are not deleted. I ended up with two copies of the files on the right folder, one in the original location, one on the new location.


    I have file X,Y,Z in folder A. Synced on both left and right folder.

    Someday I move file X,Y into folder B. Now when I sync with Echo, on the right folder, folder B will be created as new, and file X,Y will be copied as new, while the original copy of X,Y,Z will remain in folder A.  


    If I create a new folder with some new file and test the sync, it will work perfectly as it should. It just doesn't work practically with actual file which I move and rename from time to time.

    Saturday, March 28, 2020 9:09 AM