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    Marketing online can has changed over time. People loved the thought of turning on their computer and start to make an living online within minutes. Marketing has been more than just an past time of when people on had to just promote there site online with banner and free ad sites. Then turn around and start to make thousands just by doing those simple little marketing tips. Getting traffic and making sales online has just gotten harder and harder online, so I put together just an few tips that will jump start your internet marketing career. Read on…


    Pay per Action: if you ever want to make money by surfing the net and viewing ads, then this will be an place to start.


    Search engine marketing is when your site has become popular ,that the search engines like Google and Yahoo give you and 1,2,3 or so on page ranking. This equal a lot of traffic.


    Affiliated Marketing: Is when you promote other people program for an percentage of the sales. Here are the to affiliate site ClickBank, and PayDotCom.


    Email marketing is a form of internet marketing when you collect emails and names of the people who visit your site, and you can use programs like GetResponse which will manage all of your email marketing campaign.


    Blogging is the revolution were you advertise your program or just share topics with your peers on the subject of your choice. Blogging bring in repeat traffic and it get picked up by the search engines which mean more traffic from people who are searching for info on your topic online.


    Article marketing is a critical part of your marketing career. You having great content to write about on an subject of your choice. Article marketing can set you in front of thousands of



    So, Internet marketing is evolving into an gigantic thing that will be our finally source of contact within the next 10 years. Online marketers are have gotten smarter and greedier when it come to making more sales and getting more traffic that will generate an email data base for their email marketing.


    If you can follow these little tips and make them your own, then you will be and successful internet marketer of the future.


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    Saturday, December 13, 2008 7:22 PM