Strange Problem!! Please help!! RRS feed

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    Heres the problem.


    We have a SBS 2K3 server that used to be an ISA server with 2 NICS.  One with Public IP connected to comcast gateway, and the other for local local private IP.  We have removed the ISA server, in place of a hardware firewall. There are 12 workstations.  6 are windows xp pro, and the others are Windows Vista Buine.  I have removed the Microsoft firewall client from each workstations, did a IP COnfig release renew. Here is the strange part.



    When the WAN port i plugged into the hardware firewall, the 6 windows XP workstations keep losing local lan connectivity each time they try to browse the local network every 10 or so seconds with "limited or no connectivity".  The Vista workstations have no problem what so ever. 


    When I unplug the WAN, the XP workstations work no problem.


    Has anyone seen anything like this!!



    Sunday, January 25, 2009 3:25 PM