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  • Hello Everyone:
    Actually I have some questions about the eMIPS and hopefully I can get help from here.
    1) I wonder if there may be some configurations when building the RTOS? Because when I finish building my own RTOS, the size of the file system(mlfs.flp) is not the same as the original given one  in the package, and the RTOS does not work when I load this,right now I can only use the default one.
    I would like to test the whole work flow and create my own extension. I first used RTOS to compile one simple myprogram.c code with loop and then the generated (.exe) and the (.rel) files were located in the RTOS build/../bin folder. after that, I copied the BBTOOLS binaries directly to the bin folder and set the path, bbfind worked fine and the new files myprogram.exe.bbs, myprogram.nm were generated. Then I went to Giano tests folder and opened the ML401.plx configuration file. started the serplexd in the build/../bin folder with pipe\usart0, I could see the giano simulator indicated that the usart0 had already connected to it. 
    2) From here, I could not run the myprogram, I can seldom see the myprogram.exe even though I tried to link the srfs to the fs, and the flash, I wonder where I made the mistake? If I could not profile the program, the basic block could not be identified, and the extension will not able to be generated.
    3) As the manual mentioned, the m2v compiler has some constraints that should be aware of, I guess this confines the original c code, so where do I need to pay much attention to?
    Thank you in advance.

    There is a lot to cover here.  There is some configuration that goes into the mlfs.flp.  I don't know it is documented but it is it would be in the documentation for the MMLite RTOS.  There is a configuration file that has a lists of  the executables to include in the mlfs.flp when it is generated.  By editing this list you can change what is in the filesystem.

    Sounds like you are most of the way there with getting the simulator working.  To get the program to run in giano you must have the memory initialized wiht the binary file of your application.  This can be done by editing the plx file or on the commandline.  Look for primary memory of your simulation, this sound be SRAM or DRAM and set the PermanentStorage attribute to your bin file.

    As far as M2V, there are some cases that are not covered in the release such as certain instructions.  It can only handle basic blocks that contain a single jump/branch at the end of the block.  This case has been done but is not part of the release at this time.

    I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 4:49 PM