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  • Hi,

    I've check online information without any answer.

    It is necessary to have a SQL Server License if it is used only for Aliases?

    thanks so much

    Thursday, September 16, 2021 8:46 AM

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    Friday, September 17, 2021 9:58 AM
  • no one answer? thanks
    Wednesday, September 22, 2021 7:55 AM
  • You need SQL server license for aliases too.
    Saturday, September 25, 2021 3:39 AM
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    Sunday, September 26, 2021 2:45 AM
  • Hi,

    first of all, you mail seems to be misleaded as you are not in the SQL forums. Anyway, a SQL alias is defined in the registry on the client not as a server. So the simple registry entry does not need to have a license, though the server you are targetting needs to have one for sure.

    Let me know if there are any other questions, Jens.

    Thursday, October 7, 2021 7:21 AM
  • Yes you need a SQL Server License.
    Friday, October 8, 2021 7:05 AM
  • How does SQL server licensing work?
    Tuesday, May 24, 2022 12:07 PM
  • You need a core license for every core in the processor.
    Thursday, June 2, 2022 11:58 AM
  • Hi,

    If you have Software Assurance, not necessary licensing your server fail-over... 

    See this documentation (official):

    Hope this help.

    Christian Yukio Aiko Cloud Solution Architect MCT | MD-100 | MD-101 | MS-100 | MS-101 | AZ-104 | AZ-303 | AZ-304 | AZ-500

    Thursday, June 2, 2022 12:23 PM
  • which version SQL of you ?
    Wednesday, June 15, 2022 4:09 PM
  • The steps to update the product key is very simple. These are the same steps which are required to upgrade the edition of SQL Server. While changing the product key, there is no “real” edition upgrade.

    Change SQL Server License key
    Open the SQL Server installation media and run the setup.exe. OR If you have SQL already installed, then you can also launch “Installation Center” by going to Start->Programs ->Microsoft SQL Server 2016->Configuration Tools-> SQL Server Installation Center[(64-bit)].
    Click on Maintenance tab from left side pane. You can see multiple options in the right side pane. Select first option Edition Upgrade as shown in below image and click Next.

    Once you click on the Edition upgrade button, next window will come to enter the License Key or product Key of SQL Server Instance. Enter your Product Key and hit next.

    Accept License Term and Condition and Click on Next button to proceed.
    Select the SQL Server Instance for which you are going to change license key if you have multiple instances and Click on Next button.
    Now, It checks all rules for edition upgrade. If all the rules show as passed, you are good to go ahead. If you are getting any warning or error, verify and try to fix it before going with the next step.
    You are all ready to upgrade the edition. Click on the Upgrade button

    Once License gets updated successfully, you will see all green check in the below image.

    So, you have completed the product or license upgrade successfully. I hope you find it useful.


    Rachel Gomez

    Tuesday, September 13, 2022 5:28 AM
  • No, it is not necessary to have a SQL Server License if it is used only for Aliases. SQL Server aliases are a client-side component that allows clients to connect to a SQL Server instance using a different name or IP address than the actual server name or IP address. Aliases are not part of the SQL Server instance and do not require a SQL Server license.
    Thursday, February 23, 2023 1:43 PM
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    Thursday, February 23, 2023 8:24 PM
  • Yes, you need a SQL Server License even if you use it for aliases. 

    The primary idea of an SQL Server License is based on the number of physical or virtual processors the server uses, irrespective of the purpose. So when you use SQL Server for creating aliases, it considers the use of a software and requires you to have a SQL Server License. 

    I hope this has cleared up your doubt. 

    Thank you. 

    Wednesday, March 1, 2023 5:56 AM
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