Calibrated and then It shows 10-15 Watts, maximum... Is it okay ?? RRS feed

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  • I was trying to estimate the power consumption of my laptop, in watts.
    Well, it didn't work on windows 8, obviously so i went back to windows 7.
    Here is the snap !!!

    Calibrated in windows 7, and then It shows 10 Watts, maximum...

    My question is, seriously??? 

    I mean it should consume more right ?? It's a DELL inspiron n5110 and it requires 90W charger to charge the battery, then why does eat only 10 Watts?

    and then i calculate my electric bill myself which is 12hours x 30days x (10Watts/1000)kWh x 4.29 BDT = 15.444 BDT !!
    But this is not the case, i gotta pay more than 300 BDT per month only for this Laptop, as my meter shows

    One more thing, when i connect this laptop to a second monitor (Samsung SyncMaster) and i use only Samsung monitor (Desktop2) not the Dell Monitor.
    It doesn't change a thing. Same power. I mean that monitor requires 34Watts (i found on its datasheet). So it should eat up likewise, right or something ?

    I don't know, please tell me if its working or suggest me something that will work. I don't have the device version of watt meter and didn't find one so suggest something software.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 1:42 PM


  • The power estimated can have errors due to several reasons, such as the battery not reporting the rate of drain fast enough for the Joulemeter software. The software works will several but NOT ALL types of batteries in laptops.

    You will see higher power than 10W when the CPU usage is high (say playing a game or video). 

    The adapter needs to be 90W because it may charge the battery at the same time as the laptop is being used - does not mean the laptop ever consumes full 90W by itself.

    Connecting a second monitor will not change a thing because that monitor is not being supplied power through the same source of power (laptop battery) as the power source used when calibration was done.

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    Monday, November 19, 2012 6:09 PM