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     First of all, please take your time and read the following information to the end. This case not affects any other thing than your standard of living. In other words, how you can improve your live standard in the long run.


    Now it want you to lean back, close your eyes and think of anything which may improve your life with a standard income of 3.000,00 € every month. Later certainly more!!! Think of the things which you will be able to afford with this additional money.  


    The question is what I need nowadays to have success in business and earn money.


    Here are 4 key points:


    -   A real big customer potential. (!!!)

    -   A market segment which has itself proved for centuries.

    -   Companies, which have survived several economic ups and downs without going into solvency.

    -   The best case, of course, is if its governmental supported.




    For instance in Germany weekly 20 million people are playing the lottery! This is one quarter of Germany’s population! This means 80 million tickets every month. This specific number now only includes the German citizens. In other countries like Spain, England, France and many more also the lottery is played, which means the number we are talking about is 500 million a month! I would say this market potential is sufficient at first.      


    Furthermore an example, let’s take Germany again. We were talking about 80 million tickets every month.


    0, 00025 % from 80 million players is 200. This is a number which is absolutely realistic to reach. Even the smallest booth in the smallest town takes about 500 tickets every month. Now if you compare this number to ours of 200 you will come to the conclusion that 200 is a very low number and therefore absolutely realistic to reach. However, like already mentioned above, we are talking about more than just Germany. We are talking about Europe in general!!!


    If you have convenient approached a number of 2oo monthly players, you have already earned a additional earning of


    1.200,00 €. (For every promoted player you will get 6,00 € every month)


    We now assume, and this is more than a realistic view, that out of your 200 players only 4 % (= 8 players) also want to earn additional money besides playing lottery.


    1.600 Players signify for you an additional monthly earning of 2.400,00 €.


    Now you already have an addition income of 3.600,00 € (1.200 + 2.400)in general!!!


    In my opinion is an additional income of 3.600,00 € a month is a good start to improve your standard of living. You have seen how easy it could be earning money by using e-commerce. This is the way of earning of the future. Also you have seen here and example of reaching just 0, 00025% of the market potential.  


    Now it depends on you, if you are active and work on it you will soon see that the results will increasingly improving. You always have to remember that we can reach the whole world over the internet!!


    As soon as you have reached the mentioned example (it don’t matter if it takes a few weeks, month or even a year) no one will be able to stop you to increase your monthly income. With a structure of (200 + 1.600) 1.800 Partners you can be sure that one of them wills more than just playing lottery and will also earn additional money. And now imagine only 4% (= 64 Players) in second rough will do the same like you...I would say that you can calculate the success if you have started yourself.


    In addition you are participated on winnings in your down line. Therefore you winning chance will increase to a level of 1.800 %!!!


    But how can you build your „structure“ of players without spending money???


    At first you have to register yourself as Partner/ Player:




    Please take your time and read also this site calmly and register as team partner/ player.


    With XXL-Lottery you are playing Euromillion which is probably the most successful Lottery in Europe!!!


    NO subscription S AND NO contract obligations


    Next Friday the jackpot will be 15.000.000,00 €!!!



     As soon as you have finished the registration you will receive your personal link via e-mail.

     I hope our introduction gave you a better understanding about the big market potential of lottery and furthermore I hope to welcome you soon as partner. I am sure, we will have a good business relationship and also earn together a lot of money in the long run.


    Thank you very much for your attention.


    With kind regards,


    Franz Ammon, Peter Martinovic, Carlos Velásquez


    If you have any doubts please be free and contact us under:





    Tuesday, January 13, 2009 2:16 PM