Hardware recommendations for file server


  • My WHS v1 has been running like clockwork for about 10 years. It has been used for nightly backups and file storage. The only thing I have done to it over the years is swap out the hard drives for newer, larger ones. But I wonder how much longer the hardware will last running 24/7. Been impressed with storage features of Windows 10 and decided to use that OS for next server.

    I don't really know how to pick parts for a server. Must have got lucky with WHS components that have lasted 10 years. Bought Terry Walsh's book on building Win10 server but it was written in 2015 and I have been looking at slightly newer hardware. For running backups and providing common file storage, I have been looking at the following:

    Kaby Lake Pentium G46XX with its 51W TDP

    B250 motherboard

    memory?  8Gb? not sure about size and speed

    Does this sound reasonable?  TIA for any help or suggestions.

    sobota 17. března 2018 2:15