Disabling VOIP and Limiting the Message Limits


  • Does anyone how can I change these settings in OCS
    A) Disabling voip chat
    b) Limiting the maximum number of characters in initial message and subsequent messages to 150 from 800. Based on this post http://www.confusedamused.com/notebook/ocs-2007-message-limits/ There is no way to do that. 
    • Initial Message : 800 characters
    • Subsequent Messages : 8000 characters
    7. října 2009 17:14

Všechny reakce

  • Not sure about the Maximum characters, but you can disable VoIP using the GPO for Communicator.
    Casper Pieterse Principle Consultant, UC Dimension Data South Africa
    15. října 2009 6:21
  • I have disabled communicator call by changing the TelephonyMode =4 but start a video call and placing a communicating call option is still there .
    I was unable to find any specific GPO for VOIP except disabling pc to pc video, disable audio/video conferencing . Which one gets used to disable VOIP.
    19. října 2009 20:59