After Removing clip.exe program i cannot ? RRS feed

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  • Hi    I cannot delete the clip.exe from systems32.  i tried malwarebytes file assassin, unlocker and i could not even change permissions because it is greyed out. i also tried a administrator command prompt it kept saying i dont have permissions

    anyone have any other advice on deleting this Clip.exe from systems 32 in windows 10? Thanks

    PS,  I am the administrator also
    • Upravený tomslm sobota 3. února 2018 16:14
    sobota 3. února 2018 16:13

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  • Anybody home? The reason I removed the program in the first place is, it would not work, it just kept flashing when i tried to bring up the clip board. Anyone know how to delete the clip.exe from systems 32, when i tried to take over the ownership it was all greyed out and I could not change the permissions. Any idea's? Thanks
    neděle 4. února 2018 19:39