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  • Hi,

    I need to create 5 new AD Schema attributes (dates and strings) and I saw some demos of it using this script to generate an OID.

    Now, in this microsoft info it says I should append a counter to it for my custom attributes. (oid.2.1, oid.2.2, ...)

    I guess everyone is running the script once for each new custom property but I'm not sure it this is OK

    Can I generate one OID for each custom property or should I use the first OID generated and then create "nested" ones?

    Thank you so much,


    neděle 12. února 2017 15:11


  • If you want to be absolutely sure your OID is unique, go and register it - It's a simple process and you'll get approved.

    Then you would have a parent OID and all of your attributes would be children of that OID.

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    neděle 12. února 2017 19:29