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    When I try to unlock the drive, I get this error message: "The password entered is incorrect". But I'm sure it's correct.

    I've the recovery key, the identifier is this "51259F27", that's the same as shown on the drive "51259F27" .. entering the recovery key results in this: "The key doesn't match this drive".


    This is an external HDD which I occasionally save important data in it and put it aside.

    I moved any files I had on my Surface Pro 3 to this drive, ejected it, and completely erased my Surface HDD and installed a fresh new Windows 10 on it again.

    Then I disabled "Secure Boot Control" from UEFI and installed Kali Linux on another partition. Now I've dual boot and all perfect.

    When I turn the Surface on, I can choose Windows from Linux boot loader, and it goes fine. If I enable "Secure Boot Control" again, I get this message "Secure Boot Violation. Invalid signature detected, check secure boot policy in setup". click ok and goes to Windows welcome screen.

    Anyway I don't think these are related to the issue, but I just say.

    Now when I connect the external drive, I get that incorrect error message. Connected it to another laptop and same error.

    These are very important data, thanks for any tip in advance.

    4. juni 2016 19:51


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  • The Bitlocker recovery key is tied to the original Windows 10 installation security algorithms. You should have unencrypted the external hard drive prior to reinstalling Windows 10. I believe now your encrypted hard drive will remain encrypted forever.

    Carey Frisch

    4. juni 2016 20:18
  • Oh man! That bad news could cause a heart attack if I hadn't unlocked the drive already!

    Thanks to the super power, I unlocked it successfully, after installing all the Windows 10 updates.

    As it appeared, they've changed encryption algorithm in recent builds of the OS, and it's not backward compatible. It's bad that they have not noted this for clarification.

    And no, it's not tied to the Windows installation, because I've unlocked it in other devices many times.

    Thank you

    4. juni 2016 21:53
  • For future people who will face this error for sure many times: Just install the latest updates.
    4. juni 2016 21:56
  • Thanks for the update.


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    7. juni 2016 02:21
  • tried everything the password and recovery key are not accepted. please help.
    7. juni 2020 23:07