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  • Hi, all. I used Windows XP, and I do not want to change the platform for some reasons.

    And I surveyed solutions about installing Windows Azure SDK on XP and found that
    though I can install the SDK on XP but I cannot run any Azure roles in the Fabric
    because the Development Fabric depends on the IIS 7.

    After thinking, I have an ideal that I can keep my original XP while I can run Azure
    projects if it's needed. The ideal is to make my computer referring to another server
    running IIS 7, and when I run an Azure project the Azure tool for Visual Studio 2010
    will refer to the remote server, using the Azure and Development Fabric environment
    settled on the server.

    Is it feasible? And any ideals?

    1. juli 2010 16:05


  • Currently you cannot connect to Development Fabric from another machine. You have to use localhost or Windows XP is not supported. You have to use Windows Vista or later.

    Microsoft Online Community Support
    5. juli 2010 05:09