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  • hello everyone 

    i search a lot but i can not find Microsoft Dynamics C5 manuals or study materiel   in English 

    i can not read danish and very hard for me to understand it 

    can anyone guide me from where i can access them 


    22. marts 2016 15:02


  • Hi

    As you probably know, Dynamics C5 is for the Danish (and Icelandic) market only.

    Also Classic Microsoft Dynamics C5 (versions <= 2012) has got an end-of-life date from Microsoft (8th of January 2019) - so if you just want to build on your personal skills (maybe for a future work) and do not have a current real life need for this knowledge - you time could probably be spent better (i.e. by learning Dynamics NAV).

    If you want to learn Microsoft Dynamics C5 (versions >= 2014), you should in fact learn NAV as this is the platform it is build on. You will probably need access to Dynamics Learning Portal through a Dynamics NAV (Dynamics C5) partner and also be allowed to use their partner license for Dynamics NAV (C5) to be able to learn NAV.

    Most of the training documents for Classic Dynamics C5 (version <= 2012) are in Danish, but someone once translated some of the C5 version 4 documents to English. Also the build in help is provided in English in the modern versions. I don't believe there is a actual manual anymore... It was converted to the build in help.

    If you got a Classic Dynamics C5 license and are paying subscription for it (software assurance - i.e. you get the upgraded versions for free) you can request the training documents from you C5 supplier. Hopefully he got the English version 4 ones too. Also he can help you setup your C5 (if it is one of the later versions) so the user interface and help will be in English.

    Unfortunately it is not for free, but are a part of the service included in the paid yearly software assurance.

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    22. marts 2016 15:28