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  • Dear all,

    We need to manage dell wyse 5070 thin client in our environment , i aware we can manage through SCCM or Dell Wyse Management Suite , My question what are the different between these two Dell Wyse Management Suite vs SCCM? w.r.t thin client management .

    14. oktober 2019 16:41

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  • Hello,
    Thanks for posting in TechNet.
    I'm afraid that people here may not be familiar with the Dell Wyse Management suit. I list the features of Dell Wyse Management Suite and SCCM below, we could know of the major differences of them at the feature level.
    Wyse Management Suite feature matrix
    Features and capabilities of Configuration Manager
    Note that we could use Wyse Management Suite Standard edition for free, and we also could install SCCM as evaluation version so we could use it for free for 180 days. Thus, we could compare them in the actual environment to see which one is more suitable for actual situation.  
    Hope my answer could help you and look forward to your feedback. 

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    15. oktober 2019 05:52
  • If not talking about cloud, but thinking only on-prem traditional methods, SCCM Still has (or had 2 years ago) 70-80% market Place in all on-prem endpoint management solutions. (Dell, Symantec, IBM). So, with SCCM you will also get help fast for free, because the community is most active. 7 years ago, I was comparing SCCM to other products, and I learned that OS deployment is absolutelly the best in SCCM. Quickly looking from google pictures the Dell console, seems quite simple. SCCM is very complex platform, but it will cover all your needs. I think, globally speaking, there is nothing you cannot do with SCCM to your Workstation enviroment.

    MCSE Mobility 2018. Expert on SCCM, Windows 10, ALOVPN, MBAM.

    15. oktober 2019 09:26
  • Hello,
    I noticed that you have not updated for several days. May I know that if your issue is solved or if there is any update? Feel free to feedback. 
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    21. oktober 2019 02:33
  • Hey Manjuyalini,

    I manage hundreds of Wyse 5070 ThinClients firm-wide on the latest version of Wyse Management Suite 1.4 as of today. But I come with background of Endpoint Management with SCCM for sever years.

    To be frank, the only reason to use Wyse Management Suite to manage Wyse ThinClients would be if you are only using ThinOS and not Windows IoT Enterprise. I went through a lot of pain for couple of months setting up everything as required by the business and most of the USB devices will not function on ThinOS since it does not have driver detection method at the OS level like Windows does, so you need to forget about making different type of scanners and Bloomberg keyboard/finger print reader work on it no matter what.

    As Yannara mentioned, Wyse Management Suite is pretty simple and straightforward to use and also has glitches that sometimes does not function as it is expected, but since we are using the hardware version that comes pre-loaded with ThinOS, we have to use a Pro Licenses WMS to manage all these devices since they are only on the network and not AD.

    But if you are planning on running Windows IoT on them, then there cannot be a better product in the world other than SCCM to manage them thoroughly and at a very advanced level with limitless possibilities.

    2. december 2019 23:56