ML Workspace: Experiments: unable to clean-up experiments and runs RRS feed

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  • Hi Folks,

    I have not find a way to remove Experiments and Runs under Azure Machine Learning workspace.

    Both portal dashboard UI and code Experiment class have no tools to remove experiments and runs ;o(((

    I can manage models, images, containers ... but not experiments. What should I do with all that junk I've created following tutorials? If removing a workspace is the only option - then I should probably look for another ML services vendor.

    Thanks a lot,


    4. december 2018 23:10

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  • we will be exposing API to delete experiment soon. thx for your patience. 
    5. december 2018 02:18
  • Thank you Jaya,

    I understand the functionality is in development.

    Would you suggest to use MS Machine Learning Services in production or it is too early ? Many essential features are still missing, including full control over a workspace and notebooks source control (which is a promoted by MS way to approach ML services Description of the CI/CD pipeline)

    Thanks a lot,


    5. december 2018 18:39
  • we  have gone GA so it is a fully supported product that you can use in production. please elaborate exactly your scenario and the critical features you think that are missing.
    13. december 2018 12:38
  • Hi Folks,

    It's been almost a year since I'd asked about a workflow to delete Experiments and Runs.

    Nothing has changed. Many customers complain about lack of this functionality.

    Any updates about this ?



    18. september 2019 03:35