Outlook 2013 - Email Disappearing


  • Dear All,

    I have a user using Outlook 2013 on a Windows 8 machine. The problem he is having is random unread emails will disappear from his inbox. The only way he finds out an email has disappeared is either someone chasing him up for an reply to an email sent to him but he never saw because it removed itself or he happened to see it come into his inbox and disappear in front of his eyes, I have witnessed to this myself.

    This problem doesn't affect all email, there doesn't seem to be a related pattern on why emails disappear like size or time they come in. The email doesn't get move to deleted items, and you cannot find it via search either once it disappears. We have a separate archive server which stores received emails for all our users and this is the only way we have manage to retrieve missing emails that we know of that have done a disappearing act.

    The user in question does receive email on his iphone and ipad as well. I disable email on both these devices but the issue still occurs. I have created a new outlook profile, removed other users that were giving the ability to send mail on his behalf , uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2013 and moved his mailbox to a different database on Exchange 2010, none of described has resolved the situation.

    If anyone has experienced this same issue or could suggest something I have tried yet, I would be grateful as this is a very annoying issue myself and the user.



    2. juli 2013 08:29


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