C5 Ehandel order import issue


  • Hi.

    I am using C5 2012 trial version to test integration with webshop and i have runned into problem i cannot resolve myself. The problem is following i use e-handel module to check emails for orders and import them into C5, but every time i try to run "check email for orders", i get "Illegalt feltnummer med feltreference" error.

    Here is my setup:


    and here is sample email: 


    Andrey Belousov

    Sygehusgade 1

    7100 Vejle





    Antal Varenr./Vare                                          Stykpris   Totalpris


    2     200                                                     125,00      250,00

          TestVare 2                                                               


                                  Varetotal                               250,00 DKK


    String numbers are correct if i count them. I already ran out of ideas what can be a problem to this setup. Is here anybody who can help me? Maybe, who set up similar functional and knows what to do?

    • Redigeret af Schtolz 3. februar 2013 22:13
    3. februar 2013 22:12

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  • SET Line 80.00  FELT = Antal

    SET Line 100.00 = FELT = Pris

    4. februar 2013 08:27
  • Hi, Henning.

    First of all, thank you for your reply because i start getting desperate on this task :) 

    I have changed fields as you supposed, and ehandel now shows me that 1 order is found! That is great! But after order has been found, it is moved to "deleted" folder and does not appear anywhere. Even if i try Dagligt/eOrdrer email check it does the same. Just finds the order, delete it and nothing else happens. How can i find the order in C5 then?

    • Redigeret af Schtolz 4. februar 2013 09:21
    4. februar 2013 08:51