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  • hi,
    i have already posted it here (don't know if it's the right forum http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/windowswic/thread/a33cbe89-bb4c-4ed8-8522-ec2edb8fcf84/).  maybe some help here.

    we have a requirement to develop an extraction utility which will allow to extract data from images and photos sent from any device.  we have looked at several OCRs but they have limitations as to the quality of picture and words (text) become jibberish.  since we cannot really standardize the image quality, we want to develop this from core.

    since i have done most of my development on .NET, obvious question would be is there any windows API available that can be used for this purpose?  please let me know if i am on the right track as i have downloaded the windows 2008 sdk to explore the options further.  how about WPF rendering engine?  DivX?

    all other suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

    thanks for your time.
    11. februar 2010 19:35


  • No, Windows does not of a OCR feature, so there is no API for OCR. And there isn't anything in .Net. You probably need to go to a forums/newsgroups for OCR.

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    12. februar 2010 13:37