Re: Office Standard 2007 does not accept the 25 character product key on the label RRS feed

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  • Bought a new Vista Home Premium and Office Standard 2007. Uninstalled the trial version and installed the office. Key on the label has "0" (number 0) and the set up says 0 is not a valid character in product key.


    Help wanted !

    29. januar 2008 12:38



    Hello neverexpert,


     I would really like to get a better understanding of this issue so we can better assist not only you but other users with similar problems as well.  Could you please submit a service request with Microsoft Product Support using the following link:  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=52029.  Please include the following information if possible: 

     - Your product key for (Office or Windows)

    Please post the last 15 alpha/numeric characters of your product key

    -  Business location where purchased

    -  Business Address where purchased

    -  Phone number where purchased

    -  Point of Contact @ the Business (if you had any)

    -  If purchased on the internet please provide the website

    -  What alias was the individual using online?

    Usually this is prevalent with people who are selling software on auctions sites

    -  Provide us with your email address, telephone number and/or Cell number so we can reach you and provide you with   an update.

    -  Did you purchase the computer brand new, used, @ an auction, off the internet or how?

    Please provide the detailed information for the location.

    -  Is the computer a commercial built system or was the system custom built by a local shop?

    -- Please provide all the details.

    -  Do you have all the original software which was originally installed on the computer @ the time of purchase?

    - Last has the computer ever been turned in for repairs if so please provide detailed information as above? 

    If so please provide location details including webpage.


              Also please run the diagnostic test again for inclusion with the support incident. This will enable us to review current information after any changes you may have made. Once you have done that, please reply back to this post and provide the SR # generated by the service request.  I will work with you and provide this information you provide to my supervisor.  Please let us know if you would be willing to do this!!


    Thank you,

    Matt Prall, MS
    OGA Forum Manager


    29. januar 2008 16:56