Forums 4 - Release 21 - October 28th

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  • Below are the areas of focus for the October release.

    • Error Pages: The Forums application redirects users to an “Error Application” when they experience an internal error or a page not found. This dumps users to an unsightly error page application with 10’s of search boxes and multiple stacked language error descriptions. It is a poor user experience. Removing the error pages and keeping the user in the forums application with a contextual and specific error page should allow us to retire the old error application, improve user experience and better diagnose forum errors as they happen.
    • Forum Owner Email Changes: Changes to the internal Forum Owner microsoft daily email digests to forum owners. These changes enable forum owners to change the email destination to use the same email settings defined in the forum settings notifications.
    • Thai Language Support: Adding additional support for Thai language.
    • Bug Fixes: As with most monthly releases we will include any critical high priority bugs.

    Community Forums Program Manager
    Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010 17:58