PLEASe HELP!! Auto Collage has Stopped Working..ERROR MESSAGE!


  • Hello, I purhchased the auto collage reseach about 5 months ago. It was working fine. It has just stopped working all together and I can not get any help in live chat, in customer support or over the phone. I hope there is someone here that canb please help me .

    WHen I click on the desktop icon it says : Microsost program has stopped working.

    I have deleted it and reinstalled it 10 times. I went into program files and tried to make sure it was all deleted from there also. I did a file scan on my computer and it said it was all fine. SO not sure why it wont work.

    I have Vista also.

    Any ideas what I can try to do to fix this ? Thanks so much for all your help!!

    Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012 16:00