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    To check the status of the Snapshot Synchronization you can use the below SQL Query

    Select WorkItemName, b.WorkItemStateName, ServerName, StartedDateTimeUtc, CompletedDateTimeUtc, DurationSeconds, ERRORMESSAGE
    from cs.WorkItem a , cs.WorkItemState b
    where a.WorkItemStateId= b.WorkItemStateId
    and WorkItemName = 'SnapshotSynchronization'

    To run the task “Request Snapshot Synchronization” which can be found when we select “ Management Configuration Service Group” in the below mentioned view

    View: Monitoring>Operations Manager>Management Group Health> Management Group Functions.

    The task will execute the Stored Procedure “SnapshotSynchronizationForce” on the OpsMgr DB.

    Please note there are two tasks with same name but with different targets i.e. 'Management Configuration Service Group' and 'Management Configuration Services'

    The other task can be found on below view after selecting the Management Server you want the Task to be executed on

    View: Monitoring>Operations Manager>Management Configuration Service> Services  State

    Wednesday, 31 March 2021 2:44 AM