HOTHOTHOT!!! Network configurator will not see all NICs


  • I have a small cluster with two nodes (one head, one compute) with an onboard 4-port 1Gb network switch and a Broadcom 10Gb dual port card.  Plan is to use PrivateApplication configuration (private/application networks local to the cluster).

    When I try to do any network configuration - either through the network configurator or through Set-HPCNetwork - the 10Gb cards are not appearing, and I cannot configure them.  Further, I renamed two interfaces (NIC2 and NIC3) to more descriptive name so I don't lose my place, and the configurator will not detect the new names.

    I've manually configured the IPs on these interfaces, and they are responding to ping requests from each other.

    Help!  I can't use my Application network at all!

    Tuesday, 6 November 2018 11:15 PM

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  • I had to do a full reinstall of HPC Pack to fix this issue - but this is a really invasive approach.  Is there a better one?

    Tuesday, 6 November 2018 11:50 PM