Forums 4 - Release 28 - May 12th

    General discussion

  • Recognition Planning
    Specifications, communication and roll out plans for a major recognition revamp. Details to be provided in the next 10 days or so.

    Spam Mitigations
    Improvements to help our admin team be more timely and proactive against spam posters.

    • Updates to a back end service which should do a much better job in detecting spam an sending it directly to our administrative support staff to more quickly evaluate and take action.
    • Enabling the community to flag different abuse types. SPAM abuses will trigger an immediate email to our administrative support staff to more quickly evaluate and take action.

    Minor Design Changes
    Month by month we are making subtle yet simple design changes intended to clean up the user interface. This is slow trending towards a cleaner more sensible user inteface. This release has minor changes:

    • Ask a Question/Search bar has a more efficient layout (header on each page)
    • Filter Bar Update: Reduce distracting icons, Surface Check Boxes for state awareness on filters
    • Category Pages: Reduce distracting icons, better alignment of unanswered, answered and total messages data
    • Paging Update: Paging is now only at the bottom of the Forum page, minor visual updates (removed clunky boxes around page numbers)

    Less Confusion on User Activites
    Profile Activities feeds will no longer filter by brand (MSDN,TechNet, Expression and Microsoft). This is intended to reduce confusion from many uses when they participate in a shared forum but fail to see their recent activities in their profile feed.

    Other Back End Infrastructure and Code Fixes

    Community Forums Program Manager
    Tuesday, 3 May 2011 8:58 PM