DPM 2007 install on Windows Server 2008 to a remote SQL 2005 server running Windows Server 2003: Need Help Please


  •  Hello, we have been banging our heads for the past day, hoping someone can shed some light. We have DPM 2007, and one 64-bit Windows Server 2008 Standard box. I have applied all the pre-installation steps to the Server 08 box. We have a clean install of 64-bit Server 03 with a clean install of SQL 2005 plus all updates. I have also done all the pre-install steps for this box too, IIS6 is installed, reporting services installed default. The problem arises when we are on the server 08 box. During the DPM install there is a choice for the SQL type. We choose "Use an existing instance of SQL Server 2005" for the Instance of SQL Server we enter the FQDN of the SQL server, and the user name and password and domain. (All servers on in the same domain) The error we get is this:

    DPM Setup is unable to connect to the specified instance of SQL Server. (ID: 4307)
    Verify that the specified computer and the instance of SQL Server meets the following requirements:
    1) The computer is accessible over the network.
    2) A firewall is not blocking requests from the DPM computer. For steps to configure the firewall on the SQL Server, follow the steps descriped here:////
    3)The specified user is an administrator on the computer running the instance of SQL Server.

    We have verified all three points and triple checked to make sure they are met. the SQL server has no firewall, nor does the DPM server, and the user is a local admin. Another thing we would like to point out. I setup a virtual Windows Server 2003 and tryed to install DPM to the remote instance of SQL and we get the same error...Using SQL managment from both server 08 and server 03 we can connect to the SQL database using the uid and password we are using during the install....So it seems the installer is either broken or DPM does not support using a remote instance of SQL server 2005. Please if someone has been succesful in installing DPM on server 08 to a remote SQL server please let us know how you did it. thank you.

    I have the .log file as well if anyone thinks it will help.

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