blog templates not downloading


  • Blog templates are not downloading in the released build.

    I note that on XP I get a Blog Templates folder in appdate roaming.  However, on Vista this folder is not created, which leads me to suspect that either:

    - writer has failed to download the templates--but this is unlikely as the sequence of dialogs indicates it has successfully accessed and downloaded the templates


    - writer has failed to write the template into its magic location

    This works on XP and fails on Vista.  This is very bad as it WAS a good feature.  Many people appear to be complaining about this.  Any idea of a fix?

    Also, the new installer is really gimmicky and BAD.  I don't want photo gallery or a toolbar or anything to do with Hotmail.  I don't want lots of sign up ads.  Writer used to be the anti-MS MS product with no gimmicky throat jamming of other MS products.  But, now that cleanliness is gone--so you will lose lots of folks who had been pleasantly suprised by a degree of unprecedented openness and lack of JAM.

    This pretty much ends Live Writer for me.
    Monday, March 16, 2009 11:38 PM

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