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    So it's time to implement OCS 2007 R2 Group Chat and be (it seems) one of the first people coming across problems (judging by my recent google searches). Anyhow... here goes...

    I have a test installation of a front end server with all the services activated and running without issue. All communicator functionaltiy is working correctly and all the validation tests of my config on this server come back clean. Phew...

    I want to keep this simple for the users so I intend to get them to use their email address to sign into eveything.

    My email domain in Exchange 2007 is firstname.lastname@test.com

    My domain name is test.local so I have created a UPN called test.com to enable users to logon using the format firstname.lastname@test.com.

    My SIP URI is firstname.lastname@test.com (I have configured the DNS zone and SRV records for test.com and communicator users can login without issue)

    So far so lovely I thought....

    So I then went ahead and set up the Group Chat server and configured all of the services for that. All of these are running without error and I am happy with the config.

    When I login using automatic configuration and a test account that is set up with the SIP URI "test.user@test.local" I can create, join, chat, upload and download files etc... all functionality working as expected.

    The trouble comes when I log in using automatic configuration and an account with the SIP URI "test.user@test.com". See Figure1 for the auto config screen shot.
    When I use this config I log in OK but am prompted with an alert saying that "The test.com domain is not available" - then when I try to search for and join a chat room located in the test.local doamin I an able to find the room but not join it, another alert is displayed that staes "Cannot join the chat room named TEST_ROOM".

    I have managed to get around the first alert by creating my own login config that forces the Chat Room Domain to TEST.LOCAL. (See Figure2) but I am still unable to join any chat rooms located in TEST.LOCAL.

    I suspect this issue cmoe down to the fact that in the Group Chat Admin tool the scope of the TEST_ROOM chat room that I created is limited only to the TEST.LOCAL domain. But I cannot see a way to add my TEST.COM domain.

    Can someone tell me how to add this additional domain or if i am wrong in my domain assumptions please offer a different solution?

    Many thanks for any support or comments you can offer....

    Friday, February 27, 2009 9:04 AM

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