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  • Hi

    I am trying to right a PowerShell script  that compares a csv of usernames and passwords against Active Directory to ensure that the AD password is correct

    Can this be done?

    Many thanks


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  • Nope.

     You cannot read the passwords from AD.  In fact they aren't even stored there.  What is stored is a hash that's calculated from the password prompt when the user sets their password.  When they re-enter the password to log in, it takes the entered password, recalculates the hash from that, and compares it to the hash that's stored in AD.

    The password itself is never stored.


    You can test a set of credentials using the username and password in the csv,

    Function Test-ADAuthentication {
        (new-object directoryservices.directoryentry "",$username,$password).psbase.name -ne $null
    Test-ADAuthentication 'test' 'Password1'

    but you can't simply read the password from AD and compare it to what's in the csv.

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