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  • Now... I am frustrated, tired of reading all this garbage and workarounds to get a real answer from reading these god-awful useless scapegoating forums wich all they do is provide THE WORST SERVICE I've ever SEEN ANYWHRE. I swear I am not buying ONECARE or any other MS product ever again if I don't get an answer!!!!!!!!!

    GIVE ME A PHONE NUMBER so I can talk to a HUMAN BEING with will get me off the ridiculous loop that happens when I try to activate this ANTIVIRUS wich I ALREADY PAID FOR!!!!!!!!!!

    I used to have this antivirus before, I was a subscriber I've already used the service for a whole year. They sell the NOW TURNED TO JUNK SOFTWARE at every wal-mart and every computer store Out Here in Puerto Rico so what EXCUSE can you people say for it to not work?!?!?!?!
    IT CANNOT  be possible be a country related Issue because if not MY WHOLE COUNTRY wich buy's your ONE CARE would be indeed be giving you their money FOR NOTHING! And I've tryed everything you have posted already ok?

    I am defenetly emailing every newspaper out here IF NO EXPLANATION and Help is received FOR ME AND EVERYONE WHO BUYS ONECARE IN PUERTO RICO. And don't dare send me to read some SCAPEGOATING USELESS FORUM POST OK?

    Friday, February 1, 2008 7:00 PM