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  • The loss of functionality one suffers with legal OEM licenseware is devastating, compared to *** variants of standard XP:

      - may destroy existing partitions and file systems

      - no ability to customize install via answer file

      - no boot and non-destructive repair install

      - no boot and Recovery Console

      - sometimes no CD at all

    It's absurd to tout the "Genuine Advantage", when MSFT are quite happy to consider these crippled OEM installation disks (or less) as "Genuine". 

    It's nearly impossible to sniff out whether a computer will come with a real, fully-functional OS CD and which will come with "Genuine" crippleware.  It's as if MS anbd OEMs collude to keep this information away from the public.

    The inevitable impression is that "Genuine" is only about what Microsoft gets out of the deal, and that as long as they are paid, any low standard of crippleware is good enough to be "genuine".  When MS fails to do what's right for the user, it's no surprise when the user doesn't feel obliged to do what's right for Microsoft.


    Sunday, May 7, 2006 10:17 PM