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    With focus on specific technology, the embedded systems division at IINEX works as a "virtual lab" or an extension to our client's engineering capabilities to accelerate their product engineering and product management cycles - prototype development through product release. We offer embedded software services broadly in the following areas:

    Product development and engineering - Feasibility, Architecture, Modeling and Design with new technology approach Multiple platform porting services.
    Product sustenance and Lifecycle enhancements
    Compatibility, Interoperability, Compliance testing, Regression testing

    Embedded systems division of IINEX has expertise in
    optimized coding techniques in embedded software alongwith hardware designs for achieving the best Industrial Automation, Data Acquisition, Timers, Event Counters Using cutting edge technology(both Hardware and Software). Interfacing Product with PC Using Serial port, Parallel Port, USB, Bluetooth. Writting Drivers for Linux and Windows Operating System.

    Sunday, October 5, 2008 6:44 PM