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  • why is windows denying access unless i pay ,they deny me access by refusing to allow my download ,because of permission ,they say they say the don't have permission to download ,well i have had the programme for years and have been a member for years and only recently unloaded it because of cpu usage ,went to down load it again then i had a pop up saying there would be no problem if i paid £14,99 a month ,Ha'' i will not be robbed again by bloody microsoft ,like all these made up companies selling their products ,is this another bloody scam to get money ,or am i wrong ???  if i am wrong i apologise  but of late every thing i go to do there is a pop up from some microsoft gold star recomended company telling me they can solve my probs is i pay ex amount ,all i want is a programme back that i have used for years and am still a member off so what is going on what permission are they talking about . it was free last week and is free now ,why the Sc....
    I am on a vista win/7

    Alex MacDonald
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    Friday, December 11, 2009 7:19 PM

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  • Sorry i was so angry i never mentioned it was Livestation and i had it on my system but all of a sudden it was using up so much cpu that i uninstalled it ,and re-installing it till the very end when it says this programme does not have permission to alter file or something i have it on my oother computer and it is working why can't i use it on this one. 
    Alex MacDonald
    Friday, December 11, 2009 7:25 PM