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  • Hello, all.

    I am posting here as directed from the "find a forum" moderator, so pardon me if this is not the correct forum.

    I have many Windows XP Pro workstations that are part of Windows 2003 domains. I want to ensure that users do not disconnect from RDP sessions but must log off. Is there a way to remove the Disconnect option? Users have a bad habit of working a little, disconnecting, then working a little more, so that I when I attempt to connect remotely to the workstation, I cannot tell when a user is actually doing something and when it is safe to force the user off the machine.

    In Active Directory Users & Computers, I have per-user Terminal Services options to force a logoff minutes after an RDP disconnect. While the option to disallow the user to log onto any terminal server, also in the AD settings, does prevent the user from logging on to Windows XP workstations remotely, the session-control settings do not seem to apply to RDP connection to workstations in the domain.

    Windows 7 has the reverse problem that is just as bad: it does not even tell me if another user is logged on via RDP when I log on via RDP; so, I get midway into some update or attempt a reboot, only to find that I cannot complete the task because someone else is logged on remotely.

    Monday, February 28, 2011 5:58 AM


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