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  • This is just a heads up for those devs who might be interested. It may be that you already know this, but it bears repeating for the benefit of others. (And if you do know, why haven't you let anyone else in on it? ;-) Note that I did not discover this workaround myself; it was revealed to me by a user by the handle BurrManator over on the EW forum.

    I should note that this also explains quite handily why some users do not encounter the problem, and why those who attempt to replicate it may not be able to.

    When the poster clicks Submit and this error occurs, the message "There was an error processing the request" appears, in red, below the Submit button. No other indication is given to the user, and neither the message nor anything else visibly changes upon subsequent attempts to submit the reply. Unfortunately, in the background the message is being reposted every time the user clicks Submit, resulting in multiple copies of the same reply being posted. New users are prone to generating a regrettable number of duplicate posts.

    The error is apparently tied to the Alert mechanism, because all that is required to get a successful Submit, first time, every time (at least in my two-dozen or so trials so far), is to uncheck the "Alert Me" checkbox in the Posting Options box. For a more convenient and permanent solution, unchecking the option to enable the Alert Me checkbox by default, in Application Settings in the user profile, will cause the option in Post Options to be disabled by default, instead of enabled.

    Yes, this will mean that those who actually want to receive alerts will have to use one of the other, less-convenient workarounds (like clicking the forum breadcrumb at the top of the page to return to the forum after submitting and receiving the error). Personally, after trying for a week to get alerts in my Inbox, I finally succeeded, only to have brought home to me once again the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for; you might get it." At my level of forum participation, I was drowning in alerts, and soon opted out of that.

    Just a suggestion, now, but perhaps you might want to put a sticky at the top of each forum experiencing this issue, explaining the workaround so that new users (of which the EW forum gets tons) will not be generating scores of duplicate messages a day. Thanks.

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  •  The forums team has identified some configuration issues related to our usage of live alerts. These should now be resolved, please let us know if not.
    Brent Serbus STO Forums Program Manager
    Friday, September 26, 2008 2:05 AM