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  • I would like to bring out to how poorly "moderation activities" go out on forums. There is this user Ramesh Reddy Mallidi and there are many like him who just post  question with lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. See This thread, this thread, there are many such users like this who never cares about spelling or any other grammar which makes question more clear. If you ask them they are never going to correct it and to make it worse there are people whose sole job is to give answer without caring about whether question is actually readable or not. I believe I am alone "fighting" with OP's out there to post in correct format and end result is my asking them to do so gets "Abuse flagged". The first thread I have posted has this scenario. Frequently I encounter such people and ask them, first graciously, and then using bold words to proof read the questions before posting. What is the biggest shame is none of the moderators out there say anything, people are just busy posting answer. In such scenario how to do expect forum to be better place.

    I have seldom seen MSFT CSG guys urging any OP to correct spelling or encourage to add more information. I normally see people jumping with answers. I alone cannot "fight" with people out there getting bad reputation I feel I am alone and this is really not good for forum.

    How can I highlight this so that proper rule can be made or for that sake moderators can be educated for what their "actual" role is. 



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    Wednesday, October 3, 2018 3:05 PM

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  • For this I don't think forums admins are going to help. Better approach is to try and reach out to forums owners. It is the forums owners that make and approve moderator selections. You can usually figure this out by checking the forums top level stickies or announcements for names, then search out an active email address to contact them. Ed Price may be one or at least know their contact info. Reach out to him on skype.



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    Wednesday, October 3, 2018 3:19 PM