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  • I have a working app that uses the MS Sync thru a web service (based on samples found at SyncGuru).


    I have been downloading data successfully for a while now during development.  This includes "redownloading" rows to client tables (server rows marked as inserts, but the rows exiwt on the client).  This condition triggers a conflict which is resolved by RetryWithForceWrite.  All this works fine if the data originates on the server.


    There is a process where data is created on the client.  It is uploaded to the server via a web service, not associtated with MSSync.  The data row contains a processdate which is null coming from the client.  The row is added to the server database and subsequent processes update the process date when they complete processing.  When the client next tries to sync this table, the updated row is downloaded.  The Sync process hits the same conflict logic that occurs when rows are "redownloaded" except in this instance, an error occurs:


    Argument passed in is not serializable.\r\nParameter name: value


    This error isn't very helpful.  The update process is completly handled by the Sync object.  The designer code for this table doesn't show any params named "value", so I don't know what piece of the sql is causing the error.


    Any experts have any ideas what might be wrong, or how to find out?

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