Bug with select lists in MS CRM 2011 RRS feed

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  • One of my uses has found a but in MS CRM with select lists populated from views. 

    Root Cause:  When selecting multiple Contacts (entities) as a recipient on a new Activity->Letter (and probably others), CRM uses the first field to identify the contact in the list of Contacts that were selected. If the first field is empty the selection fails and if selecting a whole list of contacts if the field is empty for _any_ of the contacts in the list the whole selection fails.

    This fails with just an error message to the Javascript console (i.e. completely hidden from the user). For our case it was the salutation field that was empty, and the ones that were blank were scrolled outside of the little box so it was tough to figure out what was going on. 

    Work Around: Make sure that the first column has "Last Name" or some other field that is required so that there is never any blanks. 

    We have a work around already, but I wasn't sure of how to report this Error back to Microsoft so that they could fix it. 

    Report form user:


    Here are the steps in CRM to get this error:

    1. Activities – New Activity

    2. Letter

    3. Sender – look up and select contact

    4. Recipient – Look for: Contact, View: Find Contact by Marketing List and 
    Export – screen shot attached for this = Look Up Records…

    5. Select all contacts by checking off box

    6. Press Add – nothing further happens.

    No further progress in creating this activity is possible. I have done this 
    task successfully in the past. The task is very useful for keeping track of 
    mailings of Annual reports, etc…

    Wednesday, January 8, 2014 4:08 PM