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  • I've been using Microsoft Money (UK) since about 1995 and have stuck with the 97 version as it did everything I wanted, but I recently encountered a "Maximum Number of Transactions" problem that prevents me from entering any new transactions.

    I temporarily addressed this problem by archiving the oldest 2 years of the total 12 years of data that I had in the current file, but I've now started looking at the 2005 UK edition so that I can retain an "all years" consolidated view of my financial history. I am now running the 2 versions in parallel on 2 different computers (one Windows 8 64 bit, the other Windows 8.1 64 bit).

    The purpose of this thread is to document my experiences for anyone who might be interested, and to appeal for help to anyone who might be able to assist with some of the problems I've had.

    Overall, I still prefer my old 97 version for it's simplicity, but have found some welcome new features in the 2005 version. I would have preferred to migrate to the US Sunset version (mostly because it is more likely to be supported by other software if I need to jump ship in the future), but that path is apparently barred (except by using QIF files - ugghhh).

    I should say that I have no interest in any of the Web features (auto downloading bank statement, prices, etc).


    1) Allows me to print reports - this function hasn't worked in Money 97 since I started running it on XP.

    2) Fixes the maximum transactions limit mentioned above.

    3) Adds comparison reports which were not available in Money 97.

    4) Adds Category Groups. I haven't investigated these yet but they sound interesting.


    1) My main problem is with Budgeting. In Money 97 it was simple and elegant and did exactly what I wanted. I simply set target for spending or income for each category or sub-category and could produce a report for any period that showed actual amounts, budget amounts and the difference between the 2 sub-totalled by category & sub-category - perfect!

    I started investigating the 2005 version and found 2 problems:

    - I can't have a negative amount in a budget figure (e.g. for expenses relating to business income).

    - Money 2005 seems to confuse regular payments (bills, etc) with budgets - I have no idea what the thinking is here, in my mind they are unrelated.

    In view of these issues I have abandoned budgets and switched to using comparison reports so that I compare figures for the previous or other years with current year spending for the same period. This is very useful, but I still miss my old budget reports.

    2) Other more minor issues/disappointments are:

    - UI takes some getting used-to, and I believe it generally takes more keystrokes to do things. In particular, when entering a transaction, the 97 version seemed to have a better algorithm for pre-filling memo fields, etc. Some of this might just be me getting used to the new program.

    - The program is much slower to produce reports than the old 97 version which was pretty much instantaneous. Perhaps this is because the old database was less than 5MB whilst the new one is over 32MB - same data!

    - Printed reports seem to have no heading - minor but annoying. Surely they could have used the same text as is displayed on-screen?

    - Comparison reports insist on displaying negative differences in red. This is fine for income when a decrease in income is bad, but silly for expenses where a decrease in expenditure is good! The situation can easily be reversed but then the opposite applies.

    - Favourite report names are still limited in length - I think the new program allows a couple of extra characters compared with Money 97. Again, minor but disappointing.


    Friday, July 18, 2014 7:25 AM