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  • What I would like to do is work with both the sync designer generated code for client and server, but also add my own code to handle upload only situations. My servid-side code is located in a WCF project as part of an N-tier solution. I used the designer to generate most of the code for download, but will add tables as I go along.


    I have two questions:

    • If I decide to add some custom code to handle either additional download or upload scenarios, WHERE do I fit that code (new sync adapters) in without disturbing the designer generated code? Can I just create a new partial class in an other .cs file for those situations?
    • How does the new syncadpter code get configured in for consideration in the ApplyChanges and GetChanges code? Where is the glue that gets generated, or I have to modify that now should include my new code? Is this in the service contract?

      I can't follow the code for GetChanges, for example, through to my current designer-generated syncadapter code. Please explain.
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